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Dongguan C&S Plastic Produce Factory
Dongguan Wede Packaging Materials Co.,Ltd.
Contact: Mr.Lee
Address:128 Industrial Park,Tangxia Town,Dongguan City
1, On the design of draft
(A), on the format and design requirements
We can direct the use of the vector for: Corel DRAW, Illustrator, Freehand the CDR, EPS, AI, and other formats. Text must have been converted into trails or curve which can prevent loss of fonts and fonts can not match if is a map. The rate must be 300 dpi or 300 dpi above.
(B), Design and Production
We can free of charge to customers on design and production plans, but if this process has been added to additional costs, such as printing, filming and we will charge the appropriate fee costs.

2, on the catalogue and model
(A) catalogue
Our website is our product catalog. Our products are tailor-made products; we have no standard format for the catalogue. If you feel puzzled, please call us or come to our factory or E-mail us.
(B) Model and samples
Express mail or model of the past samples have given us a lot of costs, so if you need us to send you to model samples, we hope that the mailing fees or courier fees paid by your side. You can not transfer to us first, the model samples to be sent to your hands, directly in your local to pay the freight. If you're abroad, you have a FedEx or DHL Express account.
3, with regard to pricing and price list
Our products are customized products, product costs are based on customer specifications. The printing requirements calculated by the conditions. So we have no standard format for the price list. On pricing, if there is no particular note, we generally did not like FOB or CIF pricing we offer in our local delivery prices.

4, on transport
According to your needs, you can choose to send people to get the goods and so on. If you're in the vicinity of Shenzhen, we can provide you with door-to-door service. If you are abroad, please specify your own transport companies and transport methods! If you were out of the country.  you should specified the transport company to sign for your goods.

5, on payment
After confirming your order, we charge the full cost of the plate until after the plate, advance payment of 30 per cent of the deposit after the preparation work, such as printing bag, the two sides agreed time to complete your order, the agreed delivery locations , Paid after the inspection of the remaining 70 per cent of the purchase price.

6, can not send and receive E-mail on the issue
If you can not receive our  E-mail .Please contact us through QQ: 314668359 & Trade link: Lps77.
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