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Dongguan C&S Plastic Produce Factory
Dongguan Wede Packaging Materials Co.,Ltd.
Contact: Mr.Lee
Address:128 Industrial Park,Tangxia Town,Dongguan City
Two overseas sales: Have the experience of packaging industry, past the CET6 or above in English, self-motivated.  

Copperplate printing master: Have the experience of Copperplate printing more than six years, can operate independently, have a team spirit.  

Two bag-cutting masters: Have more than three years experience in bag-cutting. It’s better to repair machines.

Recruitment clerk: a male and a female. High school graduates or above, can operate the computer proficiently and can develop customers through internet. Can often go outside. Attention: household register in Qishi town Dongguan City. Basic salary: 1000RMB per month plus room and board and push money.
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