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 Basic knowledge of plastic bags
  2010-5-14 16:53:23  hots:5495
Everyday life, people often plastic film, bags can be summarized into two types:

1. Plastic bag into a dedicated goods: shopping bags, plastic wrap, bags, shrink film, bags, storage bags, garbage bags, ziplock bag, microwave-specific bags and so on, these bags can generally be sold as a retail supermarket the use of large, low price; and production process of these bags becomes stabilized after the technology is relatively simple, in need of such manufacturers transform themselves in the bag making machine bag making equipment into a dedicated, in order to increase efficiency and reduce costs; such plastic bags generally are quite safe, and reliable.

2. Plastic packaging for a variety of commodities: food bags, garment bags, agricultural packing bags, Commodity transparent plastic bags, etc. and describe the type of plastic to beautify the inside of the product, the surface needs to have a beautiful color printing, in order to protect the product inside, and some plastic bags also need to process the composite membrane. Production of these plastic bags, manufacturers must have a color printer, laminating machine and various bag making machines, but also to obtain various qualifications: printing permit and food safety permits, I plant the existing production equipment and technology major for the production of such packaging in plastic bags, and full licenses.

3. Plastic bags used in the free market: selling seafood in a thick black plastic bags, selling vegetables, fruits, vest bags, and some thin red transparent bags and so on. Most of these bags will not appear in regular supermarkets, many are made with recycled plastics processing, surface impurities can see and feel is relatively rough, can not be used repeatedly, consumers generally can take home When the garbage bags to use. China's plastic bag that is mainly for this type of plastic bags.
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