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 Metallized bags
  2010-5-7 14:09:33  hots:5507
Metallized special technology is used in plastic film coated with a thin layer of aluminum to form a composite flexible packaging materials, processing methods most commonly used method when the number of vacuum aluminum plating, that is, by high temperature under high vacuum aluminum melting metal evaporation, the aluminum vapor deposition to the accumulation of plastic film surface, so that plastic film has a metallic luster surface. It has a plastic film as the characteristics, but also has the characteristics of metals is a cheap and beautiful, excellent, practical packaging materials
Currently the most widely used aluminum metallized polyester film mainly (VMPET) and CPP metallized (VMCPP). The role of aluminum films shading, anti-ultraviolet radiation, not only extended the shelf life of the contents, but also to improve the brightness of the film, to some extent, instead of aluminum foil, also has cheap, beautiful and good barrier properties Therefore, aluminum in the composite packaging in a wide range of applications, currently mainly used in biscuits and other dry, puffed food packaging as well as medicine, cosmetics packaging.
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